A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars 5E — Galaxy Year 0 ATC (3653 BBY)

The Old Republic is a time of exploration and discovery. Following the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, the Jedi and Sith have ceased open hostilities and began engaging in what, in most instances, continues as a cold war — each side gathering allies and intelligence to aid them in the imminent conflict. Bounty hunters, adventurers, and fortune seekers are plentiful – many finding work and offering allegiance to various factions participating in the race for control of the far corners of the galaxy.

A civil war has broken out on Alderaan following the return of exiled House Thul, who brought with them the backing of the Sith Empire. An immediate response was issued by the Galactic Republic, who offered similar support to House Organa.

On the edges of the Unknown Regions, the Chiss Ascendancy and its people remain largely insulated. Seeking more information about potential allies and foes alike, House Nuruodo deploys CEDF Commander Vul'alo'Nuruodo on an unconventional reconnaissance mission, giving her full autonomy in pursuit of their goals. The scout acquires a confiscated smuggler ship and renames it the Jackdaw, then sets out to find a crew.

Over the ensuing three years, Talon has been joined by a motley team of bounty hunters, pirates, and mercenaries. Novim, the Rattaki berserker, proved his mettle during a bar brawl a year into the expedition — prompting Talon to offer him a job first thing the next morning.  Mordrek, the Kushiban operative, joined the crew after overhearing the Jackdaw was in need of a new pilot. Around the same time, a human Mandalorian bounty hunter (nicknamed Lori) approached the Jackdaw looking to collect a debt from Dahlia — deciding to join the crew upon meeting Talon and seeing how the crew operates. After losing their medic and seeking medical aid at the nearest outpost, a Lannik scholar named Blair was also welcomed aboard. Ari, the human engineer, is the most recent addition — hired just five months ago after expertly fixing the stranded Jackdaw's engine and enabling the crew to extricate themselves following a job which erupted into violence.

They have formed tentative bonds of trust with each other over the course of their journey, each excelling in their chosen fields and working to become a formidable crew with a reputation for completing even the most dangerous tasks. On the Jackdaw, every day means a new job — and a new adventure…

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The Chronicle of the Jackdaw

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