House Gotha

While not among the largest of the noble houses, House Gotha still occupies an extremely prestigious position in the Alderaan hierarchy – a position which recent political events have caused an awkward predicament for the House. 

Historically, Gotha has enjoyed close associations with powerful houses through intermarrying and alliances, including close connections to the former ruling House Panteer. As such, there are many who consider the support of House Gotha to be the next best thing after that of Panteer to legitimizing a claim to leadership of the planet. Additionally, the House has long been known for its kindness and good care towards all citizens, causing them to be especially beloved by the common folk – thus making an alliance with the House even more attractive to those looking to gain control of the planet. 

Recently, House Organa has entreated upon them yet again to become an ally – with the unspoken but ominous threat that the House is small enough to snuff out. Still, Gotha remains reluctant to commit itself to House Organa (perhaps due to lingering resentment about the fall of Panteer and a lack of faith in the Organa-supported Republic after the Treaty of Coruscant).

While not yet offering an alliance to any side, Gotha has pledged to remain neutral and stay out of the civil war – extracting promises for the House to continue to keep its power and influence in exchange. The members of the House have been doing their best to keep their heads down and survive the political maelstrom of Organa, Thul, Ulgo, and the rest.

House Members

Countess Arshada Gotha: Matriarch head of the House. A master of diplomacy, she is always calm and collected and in control. She had two children by her first husband and consort, vicount Jareth. After his death in the Battle of Alderaan, she was a widow for several years. She finally remarried in 10 BTC. She has no children by her second husband, Baron Bassareg. 

Viscount Jareth Cortess de Gotha: Deceased. Born a member of House Cortess, became the first husband and consort of Countess Arshada and joined House Gotha. Father of Ariadna and Nikolaj. He died during the the Battle of Alderaan in 14 BTC

Baron Dassareg Lorenei: Powerful and well connected merchant of a minor noble House, and the second husband of Countess Arshada. He has no children by blood, although he cares for his stepchildren as if they were his own. 

Count Nikolaj Gotha: Heir of House Gotha. Son of Countess Arshada and Vicount Jareth, twin brother of Viscountess Ariadna, husband of Viscountess Shiali. Diplomatic and calm, just like his mother. 

Viscountess Ariadna Gotha: Daughter of Countess Arshada and Count Jareth, twin sister of Count Nikolaj. She said to be charismatic and intelligent… but also rumored to be more impassioned than her twin. She has not been seen for several months. 

Viscountess Shiali Panteer de Gotha: Born a minor member (cousin) of House Panteer, and married into House Gotha. Wife of the House Gotha Heir, Count Nikolaj. Gentle-hearted, sweet, and the epitome of the peace-devoted Alderaan. 

House Gotha

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